Sonntag, 9. April 2006

Going Global

This is my first posting in english and I dedicate it to my encouraging friend emma who shared with me her motorcicle diaries and many silent meditating and a few noisy talking hours and to all other english speaking friends I met in my life. Without english it would be much more difficult to travel and to communicate with people in other countries, to learn and grow with them, to have fun and share thoughts, dreams and visions with them. I feel that national and language boundaries become less and less important to me and that I am enriched whenever I find the courage and do the effort to transcend such a boundary. When I first traveled to Thailand more than 20 years ago I never ever thought of learning such a difficult language as thai with completely different letters and tones. And what a revelation when I tried doing it a few month ago. A whole new world is opening up! And my brain is challenged and trained at the same time.
But let me globalize step by step and start with english. I decided not to split into a new blog in english as I can not split myself but from time to time write some postings in english or translate a german posting.
At the moment I am reading The road less traveled and I would like to share M.Scott Peck's definition of love with you.

Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own and other's spiritual growth.

I find his thoughts and explanations very helpful and complementing to the methods and tools of the vipassana meditation.